More Animals to Love!

We're adding to our collection of Harvey and Friends stuffed animals, and you can earn them all!

If you've been to Youth Haven before for a day camp, weekend, or summer camp, you should have gotten a Trailbook with a special space on the inside cover for you to add Harvey and Friends stickers. There are five ways you can earn those Harvey and Friends stickers to fill up that space:

  1. Bring your Trailbook with you the next time you come to camp!

  2. Memorize a verse from your Trailbook and say it to your team leader at camp.

  3. Earn all the checks in your check chart while you're at camp. You can do that by following all the "SAFE" rules: S - Stay with your team leader A - Always be respectful of people and property F - Feet, hands, and other objects to yourself E - Encourage Everyone!

You might be thinking, "How do I earn stickers if I can't come to Youth Haven? There are two more ways, and you don't have to come to camp to do them! They are:

  1. Send us something in the mail! Be sure to include your name and address so we know where to send your Harvey mail sticker. Please get a parent or guardian's permission first.

  2. Do one of the activities in the "Fun Things to Do" section on the website and have a parent or guardian fill out this form to let us know we should send you a sticker.

You only need one sticker to earn Harvey! Each animal after that requires a few more stickers, so keep sending us mail, doing the activities on the website, and coming to Youth Haven if you can! Here are all the animals you can earn. Learn more about the characters here!

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