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Hi! I'm Fresno, the friendly fox!


I'm not from Michigan or Arizona. In fact, I'm not even from the United States! I was born in Italy, across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States. It's about 4,500 miles away from Michigan, and 6,000 miles away from Arizona!

You might be wondering how I ended up at Youth Haven, then. Well, in Italy, we love food. Pasta, pizza, steak, bread... and my personal favorite, a delicious dessert called tiramisu. I grew up making all of these amazing dishes with my grandma, who had a secret recipe for almost everything.

As I got older, I wanted to be able to share my wonderful food with others. I tried working in restaurants, but there were so many other good cooks, and everyone was so used to eating good food, I didn't feel like anyone truly appreciated my recipes.


My grandma had always taught me that God gave us special gifts and abilities for a reason, and we should use those gifts to help other people and teach them about God. I started looking for ways I could do that with my food.

That's when I discovered a place called Youth Haven! I found their website and learned that they help kids have fun and learn about God. And they give kids lots of great food! I was so excited! I had always wanted to go to the United States, and I knew Youth Haven was the perfect place for me.

It was hard to leave my grandma, but making food for the kids at Youth Haven is the best! Harvey and all his friends have become my new family, and I love living here! I finally get to use my special cooking ability to help kids and teach them about God!

My favorite Bible Verse:

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

-1 Corinthians 10:31

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My favorites:

The Dining Hall! I love cooking and eating amazing food, and sharing my food with other people! 

I don't like:

Peanut butter and loud noises. Also, coyotes usually scare me, but not Scooter. He's cool.

I'm good at:

My senses of sight and hearing are extremely good! I'm good at cooking, making people smile, and telling them about Jesus!

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