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Hi! I'm Sammie, the sleepy sloth.


Mucho gusto! (That means, “Nice to meet you!” in Spanish.) I grew up in a rainforest somewhere down in Central America. My home was a cozy, little treehouse, which connected to several other trees where my family members lived. (Did I mention that my tree was a cocoa tree!) My family used to hang around (literally) all the time. Life was peaceful in our rainforest.


But things didn’t stay peaceful. For a few months, we faced a very dry season for our corner of the world. Because of this, a great fire began. The flames grew fast, coming straight our way! My family and I tried to get away, but we sloths aren’t known for speed. Just when we thought we wouldn’t make it, rescue firefighters saved the day! These heroes carried us to safety.


Most of our rainforest home was destroyed by the fire. Talking to my vet, I asked where I could now live. The kind man told me about a moose he knew, named Harvey, who lived at a place called Youth Haven. A few days later, I moved to my new home at the Arizona Youth Haven!


Now, all of us here at Youth Haven are best friends! I love to sleep in cozy cabins, hang around on the playground, and swing on down to get a nice snack at the Dining Hall. Best of all, I learned about my amazing Creator, who designed me and loves me. I am so excited to share about how wonderful He is with you next time you are here! Until then, adios!

My favorite Bible Character:

Peter. Peter (and his friends) fell asleep on the job a few times… but God still used him in amazing ways!

My favorite Bible Verse:

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

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My favorites:

Happy Nappy time! Bed time, rest time, and really any time I get to sleep. Salads with lots of greens, learning languages, and playgrounds (specifically monkey bars)!

I don't like:

Snakes, races, and waking up early.

I'm good at:

Speaking both Spanish and English. (I am bi-lingual! This means I speak two languages.) Hanging around, sleeping, swimming and being a bit of a perfectionist. Although I am a little shy, I am a loyal friend to all I know.

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