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Hi! I'm Brutus, the American bison.


You might call me a buffalo, but I'm actually a bison. The buffalo are my cousins who live in Africa and South Asia. They're a little bigger than I am and don't have the nice, warm coat I have because they live where it's a bit warmer.


I live in really amazing place called Yellowstone National Park, in the mountains of Wyoming. It's pretty far away from Youth Haven! You might be wondering how I met Harvey and his other friends. Well, it's a very interesting story!

Yellowstone can get pretty busy sometimes, because a lot of people like to come see our hot springs and geysers that shoot hot water and steam into the air. One day, I was with my family enjoying some peace and quiet when I noticed a moose wandering around. He seemed to be lost, so I asked him if I could help. He told me his name was Harvey, and he had heard about our famous geyser called "Old Faithful" and come to see it, but had gotten separated from his friends.

Harvey and I struck up a conversation, and he started explaining to me that God created all the mountains, hot springs, and geysers that make Yellowstone so beautiful and unique. In fact, God created everything in the whole universe! He even created me and made me special, too! I had never heard any of that before. I was so thankful that Harvey told me about God!

We became friends right away. I helped him find his way back, and he introduced me to the rest of his friends. I'm still getting to know them all, but I visit Youth Haven as often as I can, and they keep teaching me more about God!

My favorite Bible Verse:

“But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one."

2 Thessalonians 3:3

Brutus at Fort.jpg

My favorites:

Being outside, playing in the dirt, and the warmth of summer! I especially love visiting Youth Haven every chance I get, and learning more about God.

I don't like:

Winter and rude tourists who don't respect the wildlife.

I'm good at:

Helping others, running, and carving neat designs with my horns.

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