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Hi! I'm Henrietta, Harvey's adoptive mom.


If you've read Hugo's story, then you already know most of my story, too. Like Hugo, I was born in the peaceful forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. That's where we met! We became best friends when we were both very young. Hugo and I were so much alike, and he understood me better than anyone else. We did everything together... munching on berries in the springtime, skating across frozen lakes during the winter, and jumping into the same lakes for a refreshing swim during the summer.

When we got older, Hugo and I adopted a baby moose named Harvey. We loved Harvey very much and hoped that someday he would find a special group of friends just like we had as children.

One very sad day, Harvey, Hugo and I were having a picnic on the shore of Lake Michigan. We had been very busy that day, exploring the sand dunes, and everyone was tired. Harvey fell fast asleep while Hugo and I picked up our picnic supplies and put them back in the picnic basket. Suddenly, a fierce wind began to blow. (Anyone who lives in Michigan knows the weather can change in an instant!) The waves were huge! They picked Harvey right up and pulled him out into the lake.

Hugo and I tried to grab him, but the waves were too strong. Soon, we couldn't see him anymore. We left our picnic basket and began to search everywhere! We were afraid poor Harvey would be lost forever.

We walked miles and miles, searching for Harvey and calling out his name. We passed cornfields with corn as tall as we were, and cities with buildings that were even taller! Finally, after what seemed like forever, we came to a beautiful place with trees, and grass, and warm buildings, and so many fun-looking things to do! It seemed like a special haven after all we had been through.

Tired and sad, we sat down in the grass and started to pray that God would help us find Harvey. Just at that moment, guess who appeared! It was Harvey! He had been looking for us, too, and he had found some wonderful new friends to help him!

We soon learned that this amazing place really was a haven... it was Youth Haven! And we have never left.

My favorite Bible Character:

Hannah, because she prayed for a son and God gave her Samuel.

My favorite Bible Verse:

“Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.
   I have called you by name; you are mine."

-Isaiah 43:1b

Henrietta in snow-01.png

My favorites:

The sledding hill during the winter and the swimming pool during the summer. I love the different seasons and how creative God is!

I don't like:

I'm a vegetarian, so I don't like to eat meat. I'm also not a big fan of strong winds, and I'm afraid of losing things.

I'm good at:

Running fast and jumping quite high. I can jump over Hugo's back! I'm also good at singing and talking to God about my fears.

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