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What if someone told you to leave your home and everything that was familiar to you and take a long road trip to a place you didn’t know anything about? Would you think of it as an exciting adventure, or would you be afraid to go? 


About 4,000 years ago, God asked a man named Abraham to take his wife and everything he owned, and leave his home. He didn’t even know where he was supposed to go. He had to trust God to be his guide as he went on his journey.


So what did Abraham do? Did he stay, or did he go?

When God asked Abraham to leave his home, He also gave him some pretty big promises. God promised Abraham that He would lead him to a land filled with good things, where all his needs would be met. He promised to bless Abraham and make him into a great nation, even though he was already an old man and didn’t have any kids yet. 


Abraham had to decide if he was going to believe God and obey, or ignore God and stay where he was. It was not an easy choice for Abraham!

In those days, you couldn’t hop into a car and drive, or stop at hotels when you needed to rest. Abraham and his wife had to walk or ride camels, and they camped in tents along the way. And it wasn’t just a few miles up the road, either. They probably traveled over 1,000 miles! 


Abraham obeyed God, and God kept His promises. He even gave Abraham and his wife Sarah a baby boy when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90! That son had kids, and his son had kids, and they became the nation of Israel. Do you know who came from the nation of Israel, many years later? Jesus! 


Abraham was an important part of God’s plan. Aren’t you glad he obeyed?

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Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

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