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Or send your pictures, letters, or activity sheets to us at:

Youth Haven

P.O. Box 97

Rives Junction, MI  49277

Here are our answers to your messages!

Samuel, Age 11

Samuel said, "I like it the website also and I love it."

Thank you, Samuel! We're excited to hear that you like the website. We're working on getting more fun things to add to it. If you like this website, we know you'll love our online summer camp. Check it out here. It's going to be a lot of fun and we hope you're signed up!

Tabatha, Age 11

Tabatha said, "Miss you guys so much!"

We miss you, too, Tabatha! We hope you're doing well and having fun this summer. We can't wait until we can have you back at Youth Haven! If you haven't signed up for our online summer camp, check it out here. It's going to be a lot of fun and we hope you join us!


Hayden said, "I like your new website. Hope to see you this summer. Stay safe."

Thank you, Hayden! We're so glad you like the website. It's great to be able to stay connected with you this way but we sure do miss you! We hope you'll be able to come this summer. We love you and pray that you stay safe, too! See you soon!

Jaylynn, Age 8

Jaylynn said, "I love youth haven so much" and "I love you guys so much."

Jaylynn, we love you, too, and we miss you! We're glad you have been coming to the web site. Keep visiting and we'll be posting more videos from our staff and things that are happening at Youth Haven. We hope you'll be able to come back soon!

Nyalaiya, Age 10

Nyalaiya said, "I miss you guys :)"

Nyalaiya, we miss you, too! We are really hoping you can come back to Youth Haven sometime soon. We hope you like the web site. We'll keep posting videos and activities so you can see what we're up to. Thanks for sending us a note! We love you!

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