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Meet Gustavo "Gus" the Groundhog!


Gustavo (Gus for short) is absolutely adorable! But don’t be fooled… he uses his cute, plump, adorableness to weed his way about and then tries to take over this universe! Gus lives in the tunnels under Youth Haven. There are unconfirmed rumors that he has a nest in a tree which flying squirrels fly him to… but this could be a myth.

Gustavo is a groundhog in a long lineage of groundhogs located in North America. Gustavo (who is actually Gustavo the XXXIII) was raised by Gustavo the XXXII to destroy the world. Taking over the universe is a family hobby, you see. When Gustavo the XXXIII was a mere teenager, he took great strides in groundhog history, and gained the allegiance of all the flying squirrels in the United States of America! With their help, he also conquered and became the imperial dictator of the ground squirrel nation. With the help of these rodents, Gustavo has made his mark in history textbooks, and may one day rule the world.


Gus has a master plan… take over Youth Haven, then the world, and finally the universe.

Gus by Wolf Den-01.png


Tunnels, top hats, fancy accents, chocolate, and fancy sounding coffee drinks that taste gross


Just about everything! Gus is pretty grumpy, after all.

Gus is good at:

Digging tunnels, messing up cabins, and inspiring flying squirrels to follow him.

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