Meet Harvey and his friends!


Harvey and his friends will be your web site tour guides. Click on the pictures below to learn more about them. And don't forget to vote for your favorite character by clicking on the heart icon in the bottom left corner!

What's New

"Out of this World" with Stefan - Check it out!

Amazing Animals

We've added some awesome live cams of animals all over the world! Plus links to more live cams and videos. Check it out!

Lego Challenge

Build your own sports-themed Lego creation and send us a picture!

Explore Youth Haven!

There are lots of great indoor and outdoor spaces at Youth Haven that are designed just for kids! And God's awesome creation is all around us!

Check out the Michigan Campus here

Check out the Arizona Campus here

Baby Chicken Cam

We have new baby chicks in Michigan! We set up a live feed so you can watch every move they make! Make sure you have the sound turned on so you can hear all their cute little noises!

Warning: They're adorable!

Click here to make the video bigger

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