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Harvey and his friends will be your web site tour guides. Click on the pictures below to learn more about them. And don't forget to vote for your favorite character by clicking on the heart icon in the bottom left corner!

Fun Activities


Get up and get moving with the latest CrossFit video!  See more videos here!

Look, Learn, and Launch!

Look at these awesome stories, learn what they mean, and launch into some fun activities that will show you how it all applies to YOU! 

Joyful Jams

Sing some of our favorite chapel songs with us and join in on the motions! Here's the latest video. See more here!

Baby Chicken Cam

We have baby chicks in Michigan, and you can watch every move they make! Make sure you have the sound turned on so you can hear all their cute little noises!

Warning: They're adorable!

Click here to make the video bigger

Featured Video

Check out Jalen's Rube Goldberg Machine! Can you guess where he built it? Hint: It's somewhere on the Michigan campus.

See it larger here!

More Cool Videos:

Here's the latest challenge:

Art Challenge #1 - Draw a Cactus

Check it out!

Here are the pictures from our other challenges. If you haven't sent us your photo yet, you still can! We love hearing from you!

Pet Photo Challenge

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Lego Sports Challenge

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