Let's Go for a Swim!

Harvey and his friends are very excited about the new pool at our Michigan campus! It took a long time to complete, but it's finally finished and ready to be used. Here are a few things that are different about the new pool:

  1. It has a heater in it, so we can use it earlier in the spring and later in the fall. If the temperature outside is warm enough for swimming, the water in the pool will be, too!

  2. The deep end is not quite as deep as it was before, so it will be easier to swim down to the bottom to grab pool rings and other things.

  3. It has a new surface that looks amazing and feels great under your feet!

  4. The shape is just a little bit different. It's a rectangle now instead of a trapezoid (for all of you who love math). That's a good thing, because we couldn't buy trapezoid-shaped pool covers for the old pool. Now that it's a rectangle, we can get a cover that will help keep the water clean.

  5. It has a different and better water filtering system that helps keep you from smelling like chlorine when you get out of the water!

It may be getting cooler outside right now, but we have many fun summers ahead of us to enjoy the new pool!

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