Pet Photo Challenge

Harvey loves to meet new friends! Do you have a pet? Take a picture of your pet and tell us a little bit about him or her! 

Fill out the form below to send us your picture, and we'll post it here!

Here are the photos and videos we've received so far!

Meet Bear, a fluffy Pomeranian.

Video sent to us by Aubreyonna, age 9.

She says, "He's a mama's boy."

Thanks for the video, Aubreyonna!

Say hello to Huxley!

Photo sent to us by Brynley, age 6.

Thanks for the cute photo, Brynley!

Meet this cute cat named Ally.

Photo sent to us by Kodiee, age 12.

Kodiee says, "She may be cute but she has a big attitude if she doesn't get her way!" Thanks for the photo, Kodiee!

Say hello to Ember!

Photo sent to us by True, age 7.

True says, "Yes, Ember is a great dog!" Thank you for the photo, True!

This is Tresi!

Photo sent to us by Neriah, age 9.

Neriah says, "I love her very much and I pray that our family stays safe with all that's going on." We pray the same thing, Neriah. Thanks for sending us the photo of Tresi!

Meet Curly!

Photo sent to us by Isaac, age 8.

Thanks for sending us the photo of Curly!

Say hello to Angel's Sweet Cat!

Photo sent to us by Angel, age 13.

Angel has two cats, named Meow Meow and Princess. Angel says, "My cats are very sweet and loving. They can be shy sometimes but not all the time. They're really crazy and cute." Thank you for the photo, Angel!

Hello, Bandit & Bell!

Photo sent to us by Nyalaiya, age 10.

Nyalaiya has two dogs named Bandit & Bell. She says, "they are Boston terriers and they are very cuddly." Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Nyalaiya!


Meet Jada!

Photo sent to us by Sky, age 13.

Sky says Jada is awesome! She looks like a very sweet dog. Thanks for the photo, Sky!

TeddyBear 2 031720.JPG

Meet TeddyBear!

Photo sent to us by Michael, age 11.

Michael tells us TeddyBear is a labradoodle. He is very handsome! Thanks for sending us his picture, Michael!

Say Hello to Annie!

Photo sent to us by Joshua, age 10.

Joshua says, "Meet Annie. She is a labradoodle." Isn't she pretty? Thank you for the nice picture, Joshua!

This is LJ!

Photo sent to us by Helena, age 11.

Helena says, "He is a pomeranian and is very playful and happy. He can also sometimes be a weirdo."

He's adorable, Helena! Thank you for sending us his picture!


Say Hello to Branch!

Photo sent to us by Pharen, age 8.

He is a very sweet looking cat, Pharen! Thank you for sending us his picture!

Meet Laila and Willow.

Photo sent to us by Autumn, age 10.

Autumn says, "The big one is 1 and the small one is 3 and they love the outdoors. We love them." What a great photo of your dogs, Autumn! Thank you for sending it to us!

Meet Belle.

Photo sent to us by Elija, age 11.

Elija says, "She is a full blooded German shepherd." She looks like a very friendly dog, Elija! Thanks for sending us her picture. We love it!

Here are some of the Youth Haven staff pets. Click on the pictures to learn more about each pet!

Bella (Damon and Family)
Bella (Damon and Family)

This is Bella and she is a Miniature American Eskimo. She is a very friendly, relational dog. She loves to be around people, to go on walks and to hang out in the front yard when we are out playing. She is smart and very obedient.

Charlie (Kat)
Charlie (Kat)

This is Charlie, an Australian shepherd. He's a very sweet boy!

Doug (Lukas)
Doug (Lukas)

Doug is a very loving cat who likes to snuggle, but can also be playful. He has an amazing story because when he was a kitten, he snuck into the dryer and my mom didn't know he was in there. She turned the dryer on and he went for a little ride! He had to spend the night in the animal hospital at Michigan State, but he lived, and he's the best cat we've ever had!

Caramel (Norm & Bethany)
Caramel (Norm & Bethany)

Caramel is a Goldendoodle. He's 2 1/2 years old. He loves snuggling, running, and eating socks!

Cedar (Sarah)
Cedar (Sarah)

Cedar is a miniature rex rabbit. He is a year and a half. He lives in South Dakota and enjoys hiding in small places. He also likes to nibble on things and will do jump tricks in the air when he is very happy.

Cosmo (Stephanie)
Cosmo (Stephanie)

Cosmo Curry Carroll is a Golden Retriever. He was born November 4, 2018. His middle name is for Stephen Curry, the basketball player. We also call him Mo. He knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, shake, high five, stay, and spin. He LOVES playing catch! About once a day he gets "the zoomies" where he sprints around the house or yard as fast as he possibly can, knocking over everyone and everything in his way. He loves peanut butter and knows the sound of the peanut butter top twisting off.

Elsa (Elise)
Elsa (Elise)

This is my cat, Elsa. She will be turning 14 years old in July of 2020. She loves to be brushed, she likes to purr, and she likes to sleep. When she was little, she loved going through the house and knocking over any cup of liquid she could find. She also loves to escape the house and run around when someone's not paying attention. She lives in Maryland with my family where there are plenty of colorful birds to watch out the window.

Penelope (Josh & Katherine)
Penelope (Josh & Katherine)

Penelope is a miniature golden doodle. Her birthday is August 20 and her favorite activities are playing fetch, playing soccer, playing tug of war, and cuddling! She also loves long walks at Youth Haven with her owners. Her favorite toys are anything that squeaks loudly, and hangers. She is happy, peppy, and people loving!

Sparty (Stefan)
Sparty (Stefan)

Sparty is named after the best college mascot of all time... Sparty, of Michigan State University. Notice I said the best college mascot. Of course, Harvey is the best overall mascot of all time! Anyway, Sparty likes to talk to you, and has a bad habit of getting things that don't belong to him and carrying them around in his mouth. He really, REALLY likes food. (You can probably tell that from this picture.)