Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge #1 -


It's time to get creative! Set aside the instruction booklet and make a Lego creation of your very own! The theme for this challenge is: SPORTS. It can be any sport, or anything to do with sports. Think about it for a minute, and then get building! Take a picture of your finished creation and send it to us using the form below.


Have fun! 

Here are your amazing Lego sports creations! Click the photos to enlarge them!

Basketball Court by Brexon, Age 9
Basketball Court

Created by Brexon, age 9.

Great job, Brexon! Thanks for the photo!

Soccer Game

Created by Gracie, age 8.

Thanks for the photo, Gracie! We love your creation!


Ferocious Flamingos vs. the Blue Dragons (complete with two players serving 5 minutes in the penalty box)

Annie, Judah, and Lilly worked together on this one, and we love it! Thanks for sending it to us!

Volleyball Court

Created by Locksley, age 6.

Locksley says, "My aunt Bekah played volleyball, so I asked her to help me build this volleyball court." Thank you for sending us the photo, Locksley! You did a great job!


Created by Caleb, age 12.

Check out this fabulous surfer guy, surfer hair, and surfing suit with beach, wave and a shark - don't worry, he's not real :) Thanks for the great photos, Caleb!

Hockey Game

Created by Kodiee, age 12.

Two teams: The loose lemons and silly snakes. One player is in penalty box! Nice work, Kodiee! Thanks for the photo!

Snowboarding Showdown

Created by Elizabeth, age 12.

This is a snow boarding competition in the Winter Olympics. If you get over the hill first, you get to light the Olympic torch! This is very creative, Elizabeth! Thanks for sending us your photo! 


Created by Brooklyn, age 11.

 Brooklyn says, "It is a guy skateboarding. It took me about ten minutes to make. I love LEGOs so much!!" Great job, Brooklyn! Thanks for the photo!

Send us your photo using the form below!

Here are some samples if you need more ideas! Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

Basketball Game
Football Game
Jousting Competition
Jousting Competition
Soccer Game
Soccer Game
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