Harvey's Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Harvey!

Harvey has a problem. He's bored! Fortunately, Rascal has a solution! She's sending Harvey on a scavenger hunt around the Youth Haven campus in Arizona, and if he completes all the challenges, he'll win a prize! Follow along to see if he does it!

Challenge 1: Archery

Challenge 2: Climbing Wall

Challenge 3: Leap Frog

Challenge 4: Do a Silly Dance

Challenge 5: Basketball

Harvey is Missing...

Challenge 6: Crafts

Challenge 7: Sing a Campfire Song

Challenge 8: Visit the Petting Farm

Challenge 9: Ping Pong

Challenge 10: Sing a Chapel Song

Challenge 11: Play Gaga Ball

Harvey Wins! What's the Prize?