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Harvey & Friends
Here's how to collect these fun animals:
  • Earn stickers by completing challenges or activities!
    • Complete an activity​ page in your Kids' Connection or Compass and mail it back to us.

    • Complete a challenge or activity on the Adventure Club app or on the website.

  • You'll have more chances to earn stickers if you come to a weekend retreat or summer camp at Youth Haven.

  • When you get your first sticker, put it on the #1 circle in the sticker collection pages of your Adventure Club Membership Guide. You only need one sticker to earn Harvey!

  • Each time you get another sticker, put it on the next circle. Once you reach an animal's picture, that means you've earned that stuffed animal!

Each animal after Harvey requires a few more stickers, so keep sending us mail, doing the activities on the website, and coming to Youth Haven if you can! Here are all the animals you can earn. Learn more about the characters here!

There are 12 Harvey and Friends stuffed animals, and you can collect them all!