Art Challenge #2 -

Draw Your Favorite Food!

If you could pick one food to eat every day, what food would you choose?

Our next art challenge is to draw a picture of your favorite food!


Check out these super fun ideas:

Or click here to see even more ideas!

Next steps:

Take a picture of your drawing. We're sorry that we can't post pictures of you, so please make sure it's just a picture of your drawing, not a picture of you holding your drawing. Then fill out the form below to send your picture to us. Check back on this page to see your drawing on the web site!

Your Artwork

We hope we'll get lots of great drawings! Here are the first two!

Cake or a Cupcake?

By Kodiee, age 12.

Kodiee asks, "Would you rather have cake or cupcake? My answer: Both!" We agree, Kodiee! And we love your drawings! Great job, and thanks for sending them to us!


By Helena, age 11.

Helena says, "I absolutely love Ramen!! It is so good and I love Maruchan ramen and top ramen. But this drawing took effort, but it was fun drawing my favorite food." We love Ramen, too, Helena! And we think your drawing is fabulous! Thank you for sending it to us!

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