God created so many different kinds of animals, and each one is special and unique! Check out these amazing animals and some of the fun things they can do!


These are cool sites we like, and we think you will, too. They're not Youth Haven sites, though, so we don't control what gets posted there.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Giant Pandas: Live Cams

Houston Zoo

Live Webcams: Giraffes, Gorillas, Elephants, and More!

Animal Videos

Georgia Aquarium

Live Webcams: Sea Lions, Penguins, Otters, and More!

Sea Animal Videos

San Diego Zoo

Live Webcams: Polar Bears, Koalas, Tigers, and More!

Animal Videos

2014 Petting Farm (13).JPG

Amazing Animals

Live Cams

Check out these live animal videos from all over the world! See more at the Explore website, here!